Our Relations Tent of James Finlayson

OurRelationsTent_logoOUR RELATIONS (Tent of James Finlayson) is Oasis 354 of the Sons of the Desert international Laurel and Hardy fraternity. It is named after the 1936 film featuring James and has exclusive membership limited to only proven relatives of James and their spouses/partners.

The tent was launched on 19th June 2019 at the Britannia Panopticon in Glasgow – the music hall where Stan made his performing debut. The founder members from both Scotland and the USA are all third cousins, their common ancestor being James Henderson after whom James himself is named. Grand Sheik Jeanne Hanson is the granddaughter of James’ youngest sister Euphemia.

Membership enquiries should be addressed to Grand Vizier Alistair Young who is the great-grandson of James’ aunt Jane.

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