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The crazy life story of James Finlayson

The Soilers

James Finlayson in The Soilers

1923 silent film comedy with James Finlayson as ‘Smacknamara’.
Starring Stan Laurel as ‘Canister’. Directed by Ralph Ceder. Produced by Gilbert M. Anderson and Hal Roach. Released 25 Nov 1923.

Stills from THE SPOILERS (1923)

Source: Motion Picture News, 24 Nov 1923

The film was a burlesque of Rex Beach’s novel THE SPOILERS (which has the characters Glennister and McNamara) which had been adapted to the screen a couple of months earlier. It was the third in a series of such spoofs partnering James with Stan, the first being ROUGHEST AFRICA and the second being FROZEN HEARTS.

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